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"Cuban artists speak to world. Cultural differences prove no barrie."
An art exhibition from Cuba raises questions about cultural and individual creative expression as well as international communication. Several comments in the catalog for “Confluences II: Inside Cuban Contemporary Art,” now showing at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, imply that without a thorough knowledge of life in Cuba, the contemporary art of Cuba cannot be fully comprehended. Having grown up in a northern European/ American bilingual and bicultural household, I appreciate the gravity of the real differences between languages and cultures. However, the universality of visual symbolism, the integrated nature of art history, natural eclecticism, a blend of humor and pathos, and the sheer visual power of the Cuban exhibition burn through intercultural barriers. As Bob Dylan once opined, “you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

The NHCC exhibit brims with raw visual power, urban anxiety, gender politics, spirituality and wonderful draftsmanship. There are even several videos well worth watching.

…Ruben Rodriguez may have been inspired by Picasso's “Guernica” when he painted “Breath in Three,” a highly stylized and distorted female nude. The painting exudes pain and angst through the use of beautifully abstracted shapes. Overall this is a great show created by globe-trotting artists who reflect world culture while remaining true to their Cuban roots…

by Wesley Pulkka, Confluencias Inside, 2010

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