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"The Huge Eroticism of a Minimal Line"
Tracing the erotic genealogy of the word robe could be perfectly understood as a difficult riddle. According to language definitions, the links between its meaning as an object used to hide something and the traditional taboos which have tried to deny freedom of eros, could be found. In a serial synonymical search, another variant alludes to its similarity to bed, a site which canonically has been perceived as the ideal place for sexual intercourse.

But the real illustrated answer of this relationship is based on a hieroglyph consisting of twenty–one drawings that hang from the walls of René Portocarrero Workshop, at the National Theater, coming from the hands of Rubén Rodríguez.

The "erographies" of this explorer of body, sex and its pleasures, grouped under the title Mantos (Robes), has given an erotic robust root to this word in its plural form. It is also a treatise on voluptuary expression as for a purified line about an ancient, controversial and redundant theme.

Rubén drawings go straight to the target of the erotic issue without compliant delights or garnished atmospheres. Strokes could be delicate or rudimentary, but they are always precise, varying black intensity over white beds. Twenty–one sincere pictograms speak in an epicurean language, where grey insistence reveals against the vigor of red surfaces, moving along the soberness of an inviting visual composition.

Body route, in a constant transformation of its shape with stress on a scathing genital and orgasmic symbolism open countless possibilities of getting closer to human beings fusion seeking after a joy that raises our carnality up to aesthetic levels.

Rodríguez figures are divested from all the triviality that has been added to eroticism during centuries to disguise it before censure, and their structure follows a decantation style and aesthetics towards a highly provocative minimalism. Perhaps, that is why never before a piece of line was gifted with so much insinuation.

After enjoying the stylization of Mantos, Kamasutra´s illustrations only kept the historical sense of their dare.

by Andrés D. Abreu, May, 2002

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