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"The Expanded Island"
Luis Cabrera, Pepe Herrera, Rubén Rodríguez and Carlos García are figures that got renowned for the first time during the eighties

... No matter where we were at that moment, we all agree to be islands, as our native island. We identify with it even from the distance, carrying it over like a portable universe, overlapped with our fellowmen idiosyncrasy —it could not be any other way—, with the open vision and mind of our people. We look like it, a paradise closely connected with the rest of the world that, between 1959 and 1965, broke completely with provincialism becoming an international reference to the political, sports and artistic fields —something that we had already achieved through music—.

…Eroticism triumphs in Rubén Rodríguez, so it does a poeticized sensuality, the desired body which raises as his main metaphor, which has a lot to do with neo- expressionism ...

... Rubén Rodríguez is the gaze that goes from outside to inside, from the desired body to the creative spirit. From the visual intensity and explosion and endless sensations to the drawn forms that bite some times and caress some others the paper fiber and the skin of the observed bodies; thought shapes that can be touched and covered by a steady stare. Rubén´s work is sensual and erotic. His expressionist figures are marked by the desire and a chanted poetry.

by Aldo Menéndez, Miami, 2009

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