© Antonio Fernández Seone. 2016

Invited by the Provincial Committee of the UNEAC (National Association of Cuban Artists and Writers) in Villa Clara, Rubén Rodríguez exhibits thirty three pieces in Arche Gallery that shows an ideo-aesthetics which reinforces his sui generis eroticism of elegant suggestive lines for a thorny spectrum of acceptance in our country.

In an interplay of evident visual vagueness, where drawing flows into painting and this one into a conclusive artistic end through clear lines, Rodríguez in ADVENTURES OF THE BODY conceives a kind of dialogue among these works (oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas), performed in different moments from 2015 and 2016, and the 2012 piece CON MI SOMBRA (with my shadow) —probably the most shocking of the exhibition—. He focuses the dialogue on another significant aspect of all his artistic production: perseverance —without concessions— in that refined and different eroticism which defines him within the contemporary and postmodernist Cuban plastic arts.

Rubén Rodríguez, showing a peculiar artistic identity seal, also replays with human bodies (male and female) in these ADVENTURES… It implies an efficient composing exercise in which first planes melt into a monochromatic background of expansions with accurate chrome accents, functioning as the connotative and denotative issues of his plastic semiology.

Our consummate creator, Rubén Rodríguez comes back to Villa Clara, like in a trip to the origins, where he made his first academic steps in arts without denying his birth city, Cardenas. ADVENTURES OF THE BODY is, then, a happy encounter of his art with his first receptors.