© Rafael Acosta de Arriba. 2003

Rubén Rodríguez offers us a poetics of suggestion through these pieces, a creator who has consolidated a work of remarkable strength and high symbolic values. The sensuality of these anthropomorphic images lies on gesture expressiveness within a well-designed concept of eroticism and drawing rather than in the elegance of lines and its sinuous curves.

Some enigmatic, some lacy, these pieces from the series Reflejos (Reflexes) shows sex caress and body struggle. The whole image framework: borders, textures, chromatic tones and its spatial disposal, lead us to become witnesses of an intense relationship among figures under God Eros restraints.

Rubén Rodríguez has worked over this theme and he has done it with such a delicacy and capacity of suggestion that belongs to the most refined eroticism, one that implies but does not certifies, that appeals to our deepest vital experiences without dictating or sentencing.

I stated once that Rubén’s eroticism is consubstantiate, authentic; it is not something imported or searched at all costs, but an extension of his slender stroke, just like a protean substance of his artistic nature.

This exhibit, placed amidst the beauty of the Museum of Colonial Arts on the score of the Eighth Biennial of Havana, will be far and away one of the greatest gifts of Cuban contemporary art for all kinds of public.